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Thank you for visiting our online store! Please read the the following instructions.

The products are normally picked within the first ordinary day of receiving your order, provided that we receive due payment, clearance and have stock availibility. The logistik operate Monday to Friday, with in the exception of Finnish Public Holidays.

    • in FINLAND the buyings are shipped to the order´s closest ÄRRÄ.

    • To the OTHER COUNTRIES the buyings are shipped via DHL.





FINLAND  2 - 5

Free shipping to all orders above 100 €.

For orders below 7 €.

Free shipping to all orders above 180 €

For orders below 15 €.
USA and other countries  5 - 8, up to 10  Free shipping to all orders above 250 €. For orders below 25 €.



Return is paid by customer. Biddie Heels hold the risk on delivery. The customer bare the risk until Biddie Heels have received the goods.

If you do not collect your package within 14 day, the package will be returned to Biddie Heels. We reserve the the right to charge you a fee covering, shipping cost as well as any additional penalty and processng fees. Non-collected packages are not covered by the right to return items.

In case Biddie heels can not meet these delivery terms, you will be contacted by e-mail with a notification of expected delivery. All items purchased from Biddie Heels remains the property of Biddie Heels, until the goods is received. This means that all risk of lost items is carried by Biddie Heels.

Biddie Heels Freda cannot guarantee that all the information is up-to-date, errors may occur.

Please note that the items in SALE gategoria cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Please note the colour may vary in-live depending on pc/mac, screen, graphic gard and the settings.


In case the item has damaged, is wrong one or totally disappeared, please contact Biddie Heels immediately phone  +358 50 596 3620 or info@biddieheels.com.